Quintet 2

5900 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond, BC

Following on the heels of Quintet Phase 1, Phase 2 at the western end of the city block is designed with the same design strategies yet has it’s own character and expression.

With similar architectural vocabulary deployed from Phase 1, none of the 5 Quintet towers share a similar floor plate while varying in height from 14 to 17 stories with the east and west towers terracing to respect the scale of adjacent buildings. Softly angled facades face and frame the internal courtyard directing views within the space as well as directing suite views through breaks between towers to vistas beyond Quintet.

The raised 160m long ‘secret garden’, a water-themed oasis for Quintet residents, is linked to Phase 1 with a landscaped CorTen clad land bridge creating a calm environment removed from the stress of the city.
The building shell and the finished Lobby atrium of the stand alone Community Centre/University Building at the SW corner is the public amenity contribution provided by the developer which uses various degrees of transparency and colour to animate the building. A patterned green roof installed on the building has attracted birds to establish seasonal nesting while the Lobby includes a 3 storey high public art installation by Vancouver artists metz&chew.


Photography by Jeremy Segal

  • Residential/ Institutional
  • 3 residential towers
  • 53,000 sq ft Community Centre/ University Building
  • 412 dwelling units
  • Completed 2015